Amber Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser

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A stylish and practical addition to any bathroom. This amber glass foaming soap dispenser is an elegant container for your chosen product. The stainless steel pump is available in four different finishes and effortlessly dispenses the liquid contents of the bottle in foam form. Ideal for pre-mixed foaming solutions such as liquid hand wash, foaming hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, shaving cream, castile soap, and other suitable household and cosmetic products. Alternatively, create your own foaming hand soap by mixing 5 parts water to one part liquid soap.

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  •  Amber glass foam soap dispenser available 250ml and 500ml
  •  The foaming pump dispenser is only suitable to use with foaming liquid solutions. Amber glass protects products from UV light
  •  Please note the stainless steel pump is not suitable to use with a liquid with high acid, alkali, or high salt content as this may cause the steel to rust and discolour
  •  The pump needs to be cleaned periodically with warm soapy water to prevent the pump from becoming clogged


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250ml, 500ml