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sustainable SOLUTIONS For HOTELS, SPAs and retail spaces

WE HELP hospitality REDUCE WASTE in a beautiful way


Custom Branding

We can permanently print onto our soap dispenser bottles. This helps with brand consistency and is a professional finishing touch to your hotel or spa. Subject to a minimum quantity of 100 units

Custom Coloured Bottles

Browse for the colour and style that’s going to suit your brand or aesthetic – whatever that may look like. Subject to a minimum quantity of 500 units.

Custom Holders

Our standard soap dispenser holders come in matte black and a polished chrome finish; subtle and timeless. We can also customise the colour of our holders subject to a minimum quantity of 250 units.

Refillable Commercial Soap Dispensers

Social media has accelerated the speed at which businesses are moving towards more sustainable packaging. Pressure is mounting as many eco-conscious consumers, and environmental groups are ‘plastic shaming’ brands and creating viral content to illustrate the effects plastic has on the ocean ecosystems.

Whilst this approach creates more awareness, living sustainably is a lifestyle change. It’s only when we collectively steer towards a common goal that a sustainable shift happens, for the better and the foreseeable.

Our stylish, ergonomic, and reusable liquid soap and hand sanitiser bottles have become fashionable features for Lululemon, Starbucks Reserve Roastery, and Hermès. No one wants to see and use plastic bottles as they walk through a shop, restaurant, hotel, or spa. Consumers want to encounter clean, functional, and visually appealing products. Kuishi’s designs are purposefully created to blend into the aesthetics of your space – and can also be branded or wall-mounted for your needs.

Our refillable commercial soap dispenser range is ideal for saving money and helps you reduce the amount of single-use plastic your business produces. Cutting down on the number of plastics that we use is incredibly important, which is why our soap dispensers are made from 45% recycled glass in the UK and Europe. 

Sustainable Hotel soap dispenser
A double brushed gold wall mounted dispenser with two matching dispensers installed.

Stainless Steel Bottle Holders

Made from high-quality stainless steel our holders are some of the best quality holders available

Our commercial range of wall mounted soap dispensers allows you to reduce plastic waste stylishly and beautifully. Although we can add branding to our products, they will still subtly fit into your bathroom interior aesthetic, so you don’t have to compromise your existing design. Our bottle holders are also adjustable, allowing you to add any bottle ranging from 250ml to 1000ml in capacity into your bathroom.

Having a stylish but functional feel in your spa, hotel, restaurant or retail business is essential. Plus, with some added branding, you can use these simple tools to promote your business name and associate it with all the positive aspects of sustainability! 

white label sustainable printing

Set yourself apart from your competitors; we can customise your bottles to ensure that your brand is represented wherever you showcase them. We print using organic ceramic printing, which is waterproof and permanent.

Our materials, textures and colours will decorate your space in a conscious and stylist way – visibly demonstrating that you care about the same sustainable practices that your customers care about.

We typically print in no more than two colours. Each colour and design will require a printing screen template. Templates can be re-used time and time again to reprint your design.  Each template will cost £80.

Your chosen design can be printed from 0.80 – 1.60 per unit depending on the quantity being printed. There is a minimum print quantity of 50 units.

Lead times for printing are typically 4-6 weeks.

If you are interested in working with us please contact us for a bespoke quote to match your individual needs.

Kuishi.com, phone or email hello@kuishi.co.uk for a customised quote.

Black Single Holder